As we navigate through life's twists and turns, this is our set of guiding principals that keep us on track as we search for fresh thoughts, new ideas and exciting directions.

  1. The future is not logical.
  2. Change the way you see things and the things you see will change.
  3. Ideas are clean fuel. Burn baby burn.
  4. Evolve.
  5. What’s next?
  6. Thought is action.
  7. Make a difference.
  8. Clarity is mastery.
  9. Why? Why? Why? Questions are more important than answers.
10. Wants and needs are driven by desire.
11. Numbers can’t drive great thinking, but thinking can drive great numbers.
12. Your team’s attitude is a reflection of your leadership.
13. A referral says you are doing things right.
14. What may seem ridiculous today could be normal tomorrow.
15. You can’t get to best if you are happy with good.
16. Some opportunities pass but once. Do something about it now.
17. Give. Receive. Give more.
18. What makes you great?
19. You can create the conditions for good fortune to happen.
20. Things go wrong. Learn.
21. Your passion is the secret sauce.
22. Don’t think about customers. Think about people.
23. What business are you really in?
24. What if?
25. Change.
26. Challenge your thinking and ideas will follow.
27. No love. No peace. Know love. Know peace.
28. What are you doing to feed your brain?
29. What makes you special?
30. Just when you think you get it, you learn something new.
31. You attract others like you. Do you like who you attract?
32. What did you do different today?
33. Your manifesto should never be written in stone.