Thought Leaders

There are many amazing people and companies that are so incredibly innovative they seem to be looking at the future with binoculars! Their vision, products and ideas have literally changed the world. More importantly, there's so much to learn, if you are a willing student. Here are some of the best forward thinking people and companies that have in one way or another made a significant impact.



The 50 Top Business Gurus


Alex Osterwalder (Business Model Innovation)


Nikos Mourkogiannis (Purpose)

Clayton Christensen (Disruptive Technology/ Innovation)

C K Prahalad (Strategy)

Don Peppers and Martha Rogers (Customer Relationship)

Don Tapscott (Digital Revolution)

Edward De Bono (Creativity King)

Gary Hamel (Strategy)

Guy Kawasaki (Innovator and Serial Entrepreneur)

Jim Collins (Leadership/ Strategy)

Leif Edvinsson (Intellectual Capital leader)

Marcus Buckingham (Strengths/ Employee Engagement)


Malcolm Gladwell (Tipping Point)

Michael Porter (Strategy King)

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (Psychology and Optimization)

Robert Plutchik (Emotions Model)


Roger Martin

Stephen Covey (Personal Excellence)

Tom Peters (Marketing/ Strategy)