Strategic Facilitation System™



The iQuest Strategic Facilitation System™ taps

into your people’s experience, imagination, knowledge,

emotions, intellect, and most importantly, their desire

to make a difference.


It is a true collaborative system that generates new

possibilities and heart felt commitment built upon

scientifically proven principles.






Inspire:  With the proper stimulus, everyone has the capacity to be creative on demand.

Imagine:  Challenge the way people see things and the things they see will change.

Ignite:  The more cognitively diverse a group the better their problem solving ability.

Investigate:  Individuals working collaboratively under the right conditions make better decisions.

Initiate:  Participation in development dramatically increases commitment to execution.


Using iQuest’s Strategic Facilitation System™, we’re able to quickly gain your people’s trust and active engagement to focus their talents in areas that deliver the highest value.


  • Applying the best thinking within your organization on the most important areas of your business.
  • Revealing proprietary insights that give you a competitive advantage.
  • Creating a wealth-bank of possibilities for now and the future.
  • Reducing time from concept to implementation.
  • Empowering your people with ownership of the strategy and commitment to its successful execution.


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