Strategy Facilitation


  • Strategy Retreats
  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Sales / Marketing Planning
Discovery Sessions
  • Environmental Scan
  • Opportunity Search
  • Performance Improvement
  • Product/Service Improvement
  • Competitive Threat
  • Management Alignment
  • Customer Experience Enhancement
  • Brand Engagement Enhancement
  • Innovation Initiatives Exploration
  • Business Model Exploration
  • Value Proposition Development
  • M&A Alignment/Evaluation


We are expert Strategy Facilitators for all types of business gatherings, from small boardroom meetings to large conferences. We employ the iQuest Strategic Facilitation System™ to engage and energize participants, break down barriers and get the very best out of your group.


We work with groups at any location, in any time zone. If you’re looking for the right venue for up to 30 people, consider using our services in our interactive Discovery Centre. For larger groups we'll help you find the right facility.