Business Plan Development

Comprehensive Business Plans for companies at all stages, from start-ups raising capital to established organizations growing through acquisition. The depth and complexity of the Business Plans we develop are based on your specific objectives. The added value we bring is in extracting and clearly communicating the real essence of the opportunity, addressing what is most important to motivate investors to do a deal, and the strategic thinking required to get the plan right on the money. Our work has resulted in many of our clients achieving their funding requirements, including the following:

Storage Service $40 million equity and participating debt
Commercial Real Estate Acquisition Fund $30 million equity
Commercial Real Estate Developer $20 + $5 million mezzanine financing
Residential Developer $14 million equity and mezzanine financing
International Technology Developer $8 million through public vehicle
Fitness Centres $1,000,000 + debt financing
Medical Services $500,000 equity and debt financing
Packaged Goods $500,000 equity and debt financing