We always focus on understanding our clients’ customers to guide the development of executable strategy. When it comes to iQuest, we pay very close attention to what our own customers have to say as well. It helps us improve, which in turn helps them improve, which helps us improve… you get the idea.

Phillips Lifeline
Tracy Griffin, Marketing Manager
We reached out to iQuest to assist us in getting through the clutter and coming up with a few key strategies that would drive growth. The session certainly met our objectives but also provided so much more. iQuest’s approach moved us from our traditional way of thinking into a collaborative, engaged, insightful discussion that not only brought us closer as a team but provided a clear roadmap on how to achieve our goals. We left the 2 day session with an action plan and timelines.... far exceeding our expectations!
Adam D. Gant, CEO & Co-founder
“At a critical point in our growth we retained iQuest to better define the business we were in and our growth strategy. As a result, in a very short period of time they introduced us to new ways of looking at our business which helped us clarify our brand strategy and growth direction.”
Metro Wallcoverings Inc.
(a division of RJF International) Paul Bruno, President
“iQuest played an instrumental role in the sale of our company that was part of a multibillion dollar conglomerate to a US based strategic partner. Under my leadership, supported by new resources, we were able to enjoy double digit growth. Our consulting relationship has continued for many years. I value the way they challenge me to think deeper and more creatively about how to achieve our goals. In many ways I consider them an important partner in our success."
Mail Boxes Etc.
Michael J. Martino, QC, Former CEO MBE, Former Chair Canadian Franchise Association (CFA), Professional Board Member
“I have enjoyed a 20 year plus working relationship with Andrew Guido and have been a client of iQuest since its inception in 1997. As former CEO of Mail Boxes Etc. I engaged iQuest to provide both consulting services and conduct strategy sessions with my executive team and franchise advisory committee helping us to refine our strategies and execute better. Subsequent to the sale of my business and now as a Board member and Senior Advisor to several companies, some of whom I have counselled to use the services of iQuest, I continue to experience firsthand iQuest’s over and above the call of duty approach and commitment to ensuring that they consistently exceed client expectations regardless of budget or complexity."
Topper’s Pizza
Keith Toppazzini, President
“I originally engaged iQuest in 2006 and most recently in 2010 to work with our executive team on our business strategy and performance improvement. In both cases, we experienced near immediate payback as we were able to get clarity and alignment on difficult decisions that allowed us to dramatically improve our performance."
Equinox Properties
Richard Ochshorn, President
“In a very difficult financial market in 2009 iQuest was able to help me develop an Investment Proposal that clearly articulated my vision and business opportunity that allowed me to successfully attract $30 million in equity. In a previous life I worked closely with iQuest as a former executive in a real estate venture and as a result of their work we were able to attract over $20 million of investment capital."
Stockton & Bush
Gerry Gotfrit, CEO
“I have known and worked closely with Andrew Guido since the late 1980s and have been a client of iQuest since 1997. iQuest has developed numerous Business Plans and Investment Proposals for companies with which I was involved, and was instrumental in helping one of our investment vehicles raise over $40 million in capital. I consider iQuest as part of my unofficial advisory board seeking their input on strategic decisions that have helped us better perform through this last decade. As we once again reinvent ourselves in 2010 iQuest is part of our team."
Wireless Toyz
Gregg Kuperstein, former VP Marketing MBE, former President Wireless Toyz
“iQuest calls it as it is and you should heed their advice as it may not always receive popular support. I have participated as an executive in two different franchise companies in both Canada and the United States in their strategy process and can share that they bring a refreshingly different perspective that in both cases made a significant difference. At MBE it caused us to be honest about our capabilities and at Wireless Toyz it led us to recruit outside executive talent as we did not have the capabilities to seize the opportunity they helped us identify."
The Marketing Store Worldwide
John Hilbrich, Former CEO, The Marketing Store Worldwide
“We retained iQuest to lead a critical strategy session with McDonald’s, our most important global client. iQuest worked closely with McDonald’s senior management to define the permission space and desired outcomes and then led a group of 19 senior participants from 4 different advertising agencies to boldly rethink the building blocks of their business. As a result, we were able to launch one of the most successful campaigns at a critical down period that started a long upswing in revenues. I have subsequently worked closely with iQuest on several other initiatives and always come away impressed with their approach and thinking. I wholeheartedly recommend iQuest to help when you've got a meaty strategic issue, key to your company's future, that you need to investigate, understand and solve."
Edward (Ned) Levitt, Partner
“I have had the pleasure of working closely with iQuest for several mutual clients and can attest to their passionate commitment to achieving client objectives in some very difficult and complex assignments. I consider them as part of my extended team helping me provide value added services to my client base. I would not hesitate to recommend them."
Steeles Paint
Claudio Grisolia, President
“Although I was already the largest and highest volume paint store in Canada I retained iQuest after several years of modest growth. iQuest helped me better understand why I was successful and worked closely with me to relocate and refine my retail concept emphasizing and providing greater attention to those things that customers valued the most. Over the next year I enjoyed double digit growth, greater profitability and set the bar even higher as the highest volume paint store in Canada with many American companies flying in to see what we have created."
Disaster Relief Canada
Matt Johnson, President & CEO
“We had to rethink how to deliver optimal benefits to our Members and customers. iQuest’s process involved more than 40 entrepreneurially driven companies making up our national membership. Their work was very extensive and collaborative. Based on the insights they uncovered, we were able to better understand the needs and opportunities of our Members. As a result, we worked together to develop a strategic plan for success. The plan was unanimously approved, aligning our organization and providing us with a road map for growth."
CAREpath Inc.
Dr. Denny DePetrillo, Co-Founder and Vice Chair
“iQuest has played a significant role since 2003 in helping us shape our strategy, focus our decision making and resources, and in aligning our team. As a result of working with them using their collaborative process we developed and implemented strategy that has helped our company grow profitably. They take a personal interest in our business that goes beyond well expectations, continuing to advise us as we learn and adapt to a changing market."