SEA Framework™

Strategy and Execution Accelerated Framework



Most strategy fails in execution because of the way strategy was created.

Using the iQuest Strategic Facilitation System™, we collaborate with your people so they are fully enabled to create, own and execute a comprehensive Corporate Strategy embedding all of the necessary factors that drive Executional Excellence to accelerate success.


We keep things simple by organizing our approach into three critical stages that make it easy for you to work together with us, and give your people what they need to win.



Stage 1  Strategy
iQuest Strategy and Execution Accelerated (SEA) Framework™ is based on over ten years of extensive experience; testing, sharpening and aligning the key elements of strategy making with strategy execution to consistently deliver accelerated results that improve your bottom line.

Stage 2  Enhancement
Execution – Part I. iQuest SEA Enhancement™ keeps us working with your people for one year to continually improve both strategy and execution by learning, adapting and applying new thinking that can only be discovered through consistent, real time analysis of your performance.

Stage 3  Recalibration
Execution – Part II. iQuest SEA Recalibration™ is an annual, highly focused effort within a condensed time frame to evolve your strategy and improve your executional talent. Rather than re-invent strategy each year, we collectively learn from your experience and recalibrate for success.

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