Accelerate Performance

To accelerate performance

put your people’s fingerprint

on your strategy



The rate of change and complexity in business requires you to make better strategic decisions faster than ever.  Through our creative and rigorous Strategy & Execution Accelerated™ Solutions we reduce the time from
start to action.
Our uniquely creative process allows your entire organization to be represented in the formulation of strategy, using empirically proven techniques that tap deeply into their imagination, intellect and experience. By engaging your people we expand possibilities, sharpen clarity and ignite everyone’s heart-felt commitment to implement their ideas. With their “fingerprint” on the strategy, your people are motivated to accelerate the timeframe to implementation and ensure it delivers the highest performance results.



iQuest Strategy & Execution Accelerated™ Solutions

Discovery Sessions
Half Day to Full Day
Two Weeks
When you need fresh ideas to exploit Opportunities and overcome Challenges that can’t wait.
When ideas are not enough and you need a blueprint to guide your team’s immediate next steps.
Focus areas include:
-Opportunity Search
-Exploring Business Models
-Increasing Revenues / Profitability
-Customer Retention
-Enhancing Brand Experience
-Idea Generation
-Expanding Markets / Customers
-Competitive Threat
-Improving Products / Services
-Branding / Marketing
-Management Alignment
-Functional Plans
Strategy & Execution
Near Term Strategy
Four Weeks
Long Term Strategy
Ten Weeks
When you need a strategy to deliver performance results within a year.
When you need a strategy to deliver your company’s future success over multiple years .
Focus areas include:
-Revealing Insights
-Leveraging Capabilities
-Overcoming Hurdles
-Generating New Ideas
-Prioritizing Key Initiatives
-Optimizing Business Model
-Aligning Management
-Focusing On Execution

-Purpose, Values & Strategic Intent
-New Insights
-New Ideas, Possibilities & Capabilities
-Vision & Driving Force
-New Business Models
-Innovation & Differentiation
-Strategic Objectives & Initiatives
-Implementation Plan
-Learning & Adapting