Deep Inside SEA Framework™


SEA Framework™ uses a Spiral Applied Thinking Model to iteratively improve strategy and execution. At each new module, we go back to fortify, enhance or adjust what we developed during previous modules to build confidence and ensure you’re making decisions based on the very best thinking.

The diamond shape of our SEA Framework™ exemplifies the starting point for fruitful divergent thinking, returning back to tangible convergent thinking as we progress towards development and execution of the strategy.

Purpose: Why your company does what it does
Purpose defines the essence of your organization’s reason for being, as well as that of your leadership. It is at the same time the highest level explanation of what your company does and the foundational platform for everything you do. Based on your Purpose, we articulate your Core Values and sketch the long-term intent of your organization, focusing our efforts throughout the process on the areas that have the highest potential for positive impact.

This module includes very in-depth questions you may never have asked of yourself or your employees. We mix intellect with emotion to reveal and overcome misalignments. Through a series of highly interactive engagement experiences, we establish your Purpose and engrave it along with your Core Values onto a measuring stick that everyone in your organization uses to inspire new opportunities, guide decisions and evaluate performance.


Insights: New perspectives for competitive advantage
Insights deliver a truth about your customers, the marketplace, your competitors and your company that your organization must understand better than your competitors. Using these Insights to inspire new ideas is what gives you a strategic advantage. Traditional, ritualized analysis provides interesting places to look, but Actionable Insights are only derived by changing the way you look in those places. The quality of Insights we reveal at this stage, and continue to look for throughout the process, determines the quality of your strategy and its successful execution.

We facilitate lateral and non-linear exercises with your people, plus other stakeholders and customer segments relevant to your Purpose and long term intent. Insights are crystallized into concise actionable statements that explain their strategic implications so they can be readily understood and applied.


Possibilities: Real opportunities for now and the future
This is the most divergent point of SEA Framework™. Together with your people we will explore the broadest and most “out there” opportunities inspired and grounded by your Purpose and Insights. Possibilities range from obvious tactics that should be implemented immediately (STARTS – Strategies That Are Ready To Start) to the most extraordinary ideas that might challenge your very business model. Every stone is turned. Every thought is captured. Every possibility is evaluated and prioritized.


Within our SEA Framework™, participants explore all areas of your business, your industry, your marketplace and the global playground. By applying measureable operational, financial and other organizational dimensions we collectively prioritize game changing possibilities and high value strategic choices for today, along with building your corporate wealth bank of opportunities for the future.


Building Blocks: The structural elements for smart decisions
Building Blocks are rigorously explored elements that form the foundation of your strategy. In this module your Vision and Mission are defined within the context of your Purpose, Core Values, Insights and Strategic Possibilities. Key business dimensions, including customer focus and your ability to deliver on what’s most important will determine your Winning Value Proposition – the things you’ll do differently or better than competitors.

A series of measures and focused investigative work conducted in session, as well as independently by your people, provide the confidence necessary to make the right decisions. The final Building Block includes the Five Key Strategic Priorities that you’ll use to guide both decision making and the desired behaviours of everyone in your organization.


Strategy Plan: How you’ll make it happen and who will make it happen
The Strategy Plan brings all of the thinking completed through SEA Framework™ together into an actionable blueprint. Based on your Purpose, Insights, Winning Value Proposition and Building Blocks, we establish the Strategic Objectives and Projects that translate your strategy into tangible deliverables your people can execute.

Your people, guided by our deep experience along with Content Experts as may be required, will work through our process to consolidate and write the Strategy Plan in your organization’s own words. Senior executives partner with Project Leaders, signing SEA Agreements (Strategy and Execution Accelerated Agreements) to institute the right accountabilities for successful execution.


Execution: Transforming strategy into action into results
Execution is comprised of two parts – The Execution Plan and Execution Enhancement.


Part One - The Execution Plan
Transforming Strategy Into Action.

Using the Strategy Plan to provide a clear, overarching focus, the Execution Plan transforms Strategy Projects into operational functions. Project Teams take responsibility for their projects by outlining detailed tasks and schedules. The Execution Plan itself is a project workflow and strategy management guide that ensures everyone is working from the same page with the same expectations and measures.

The work required to address gaps, capabilities, budgets, people and resources will be led by Project Leaders. With our guidance, input and tools, they formulate the appropriate action steps, then challenge each Project’s ability to deliver on the overall strategy. Everyone in the organization is assigned specific objectives, direction, goals, timelines, personal performance targets and rewards, as appropriate, to execute your strategy successfully.


Part Two - SEA Enhancement™
Transforming Action Into Results.

Following completion of the Execution Plan, Project Leaders use Strategy Execution Tools to keep Projects strategically on track. You may use your own project management systems while incorporating our tools to measure, evaluate and address how well Strategy Projects, and your people, are delivering your Corporate Strategy.

Project Leaders work with us in session on a monthly basis for the first three months to reveal new learning, evaluate thinking and make the necessary refining decisions to move forward. From that point on we meet each quarter over a period of one year. Together we continue strengthening both Strategy and Execution, creating the right conditions for your organization to accelerate success in an ever-changing world.